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  • A tech blog recommendation

    I recently came across this blog in my web travels. The guy is a self described C++ hater, but also a C++ (and many other languages) super-genius, being a developer of compilers and debuggers and stuff for embedded C and C++ developers in the automotive industry. His articles aren’t too focused...

  • Stay in Sync with GCal and Thunderbird.

    For a long time I have been looking for a rock solid calendaring system. I’ve gotten too used to working for companies who have Microsoft Exchange (or, God forbid, Scalix) installed which allow me to edit and update a calendar from multiple locations and even sync...

  • Software RAID 5 in Ubuntu with mdadm

    Software RAID in Linux is a great way to gain massive amounts of disk space which are required for storing digital media, with the added security of data redundancy incase one of the disks in the array fail. Many people still frown upon software RAID...

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  • When there's something new, popping on Youtube...Who ya gonna call?

    Well, it can't be any worse than the 2016 reboot, can it?

    ... It's not possible, right?

    Please don't let it be possible.

  • The hypocrisy of the Rape Scare tactic

    The Nazi was put on trial and formally convicted, and you said that was not fair, despite all the evidence, but then claim that a trial and conviction is required before you judge someone for a crime. So why is the Nazi the exception?

    Because there's plenty of evidence it wasn't a fair trial.

    I'm saying that anyone who doesn't get a fair trial should be acquitted. I didn't think that'd be controversial, but, I guess expecting justice to be done the proper way is these days.

    I'd say the same if somebody was falsely accused of rape.

  • New Gillette commercial "not an indictment on manhood"

    Ok, a lot of answers. Feeling a might popular all of a sudden.

    Let me clarify.

    I don't get why people are paying so much attention to this. This is no different than the PSA of the past.

    911 Pizza delivery, Sexual Harassment, Homosexual Tormenting, Bullying (can someone explain to me why people had a problem with Gingers?)... this sort of thing has been a part of our landscape since we've had media. In all forms.

    What I don't get is why all of a sudden, the same people who watched those PSAs in the past are even responding today. Literally, a year or two ago no one gave a damn. Now, everyone is in a tizzy because a razor company is doing something we've been doing for years. Why the hell is this ad so inflammatory?

    Is it because Weinstein and Cosby were taken down and now some men feel like they are vulnerable? I don't get why they are now focusing on it instead of ignoring it like they always did.

    No, it is different than all of those. All of those PSA's target a behavior that's bad. This one targets a whole gender. I think people have unnecessarily combined those concepts and seen this ad as trying to target a gender that's bad. Which is silly, there's no reason to see it that way....

    ...but, I also think they triggered the internet outrage machine on purpose. By putting Ana Kasparian in the middle of it, they were probably fishing for backlash. The Young Turks aren't exactly an apolitical entity, so the conservative part of the internet was meant to be soured by it.