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  • How similar the Byzantine Empire was culturally, politcally, militarily, etc. to Ancient Rome?


    The Byzantine Empire claims to be the true successors of Ancient Rome if not WAS Ancient Rome still, or at least what's left of it, and the Empire's fall to the Ottoman Turks is considered the true moment when Ancient Rome officially died and its legacy spread to the ashes of history.

    Well, the Turks didn't think so.

    Ottoman Sultans after Mehmed II took the title Kayser-i Rum, Emperor of Rome, on their coronation. They claimed to be successors to the Roman empire, and actually had a compelling claim to that effect. Firstly, they were not the first dynasty to become Emperor through conquest. Secondly, they had blood ties to the previous ruling Byzantine dynasty and thirdly Mehmets claim to the title was endorsed by the ecumenical patriarch, the head of the Byzantine church. Actually, many important greek figures wound up endorsing the Ottoman claim on the logic that whoever holds Constantinople is the Emperor of Rome.

    So really, the exact point at which the Roman Empire ended is kind of arbitrary. You could easily trace the title of Ceasar all the way to Mehmed VI's removal from power, if you wanted.

    I dunno, I think the current Finnish government has a much better claim on being the heirs to Rome.

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    Although I do think that the Turks had a decent claim. And now with Erdoğan restoring the Sultanate, perhaps they will be competing claimants.

  • Al Shabaab bans plastic bags

    Dirty Hipsters:


    Dirty Hipsters:
    Well now environmentalism is irrevocably tied directly to terrorism. Since we obviously can't give terrorists what they want it means we have to double down on polluting the world. More plastic bags! Double bag ALL your shit!! More coal burning plants. Tear down the wind farms and put up coal plants instead! We'll see how the jihadists deal with that.

    And the Nazis introduced animal welfare laws when they took over Germany. Guess those laws are ruined too.

    Eh, the Nazis had some good ideas. And they weren't brown.

    They weren't brown? Uhhhh, what? And don't you remember the Sturmabteilung?

  • Where all the Marvel games at?

    I want Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3.