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  • The defenders 2 not on the cards.

    Eh, I can't say I'm upset. My biggest problem was that out of all the individual series leading up to Defenders, I only liked Jessica Jones. I couldn't watch Daredevil or Luke Cage or Iron Fist, just boredom abounds. So going in I had zero attachment to any of the characters and I never felt like they did anything to try and endear me to them. I get that's my fault, but at the same time I feel like I'm not the only one who didn't get on with one or a few of the solo series. If your 'Team Up' series relies on them, there's bound to be issues.

  • Vermintide 2 is how you do a sequel right.



    All in all, this is great game.

    But did they add Doomwheels?

    No but they added Plague Claw Catapults.

    Doomwheels were in the first game.

    Yes they were, but you didnt fight any of them.

  • Post here if you still haven't played Breath of the Wild yet...

    The last Nintendo game console I owned was the Game Boy Color, so hello there.