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  • The Impending US Government Shutdown


    The Democrats should protect CHIP and DACA and not give an inch. Those are the terms, take it or leave it. If GOP wants a budget, it includes both of those. If the GOP want to defy the American people, that's on them. The Democrats should demand nothing less than total capitulation by the GOP.

    Surely that depends on how badly a long term shut down of government would hurt people.

    If the GOP want to say no, that's on them.

  • So is the Escapist dead?

    Waiting for the day that redirects to either their Twitch stream or their YouTube channel.

  • How could Disney redeem itself from The Last Jedi?


    I never realized so many people took a soap opera about space wizards so goddamn personally.

    Unfortunately its been that way since 1977

    It unleashed the autism within people to only focus on this goddamn franchise, a franchise in some ways surpassed by older and recent forms of Scince Fiction.

    You want a proper "Star Wars" read and watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes:


    You want a proper Fantasy Space Opera, Warhammer 40k is that way:


    You want a Space Opera that is deep and insightful and rich in lore and history, Have a gander at Dune.