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  • Things in media that scared you as a kid.

    Chernobog, from Fantasia.

    What else...Arachnophobia. Idle Hands. Any zombie film; I always hated zombies more than anything else. I could never finish Half-Life because of headcrab zombies.

  • The Warhammer 40k game of my dreams is a Turned Based Strategy game.

    Well, if it was like XCOM then I'd happily hold my nose long enough to check it out.

    If it was like those grid-based "[Something] Tactics" games then I couldn't give a damn.

    If it had the story presentation of Dawn of War/Space Marine then I guess I'd just have to hold my nose a little tighter.

    You may get your wish. Games Workshop, or whoever handles their licencing, recently changed their approach. They've been spamming games out like crazy for the last few years now. Most of them have landed between shit and average quality though.

  • Overwatch Anniversary Kicks Off with New Skins, Dances, and New Arena Maps

    I am totally going to use Reaper's new "dance" emote while I'm waiting for the team to regroup. It's going to be absolutely fantastic for that.

    You might be there a while, as everybody goes in two-by two, instead of slowing up a bit. (I've had games (PLURAL) where the ONLY way I could get the team to group on was rez half the team as the other half arrived)