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  • A tech blog recommendation

    I recently came across this blog in my web travels. The guy is a self described C++ hater, but also a C++ (and many other languages) super-genius, being a developer of compilers and debuggers and stuff for embedded C and C++ developers in the automotive industry. His articles aren’t too focused...

  • Stay in Sync with GCal and Thunderbird.

    For a long time I have been looking for a rock solid calendaring system. I’ve gotten too used to working for companies who have Microsoft Exchange (or, God forbid, Scalix) installed which allow me to edit and update a calendar from multiple locations and even sync...

  • Software RAID 5 in Ubuntu with mdadm

    Software RAID in Linux is a great way to gain massive amounts of disk space which are required for storing digital media, with the added security of data redundancy incase one of the disks in the array fail. Many people still frown upon software RAID...

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  • Best video game song ever made? Big boys leage: no favorites.


  • Should the ESRB introduce a T15+ rating?

    The whole ESRB thing in general is kind of dumb. At most they should just take the content labels and stick them on without the rating.

    Its literally just a marketing gimmick for publishers at this point. They pick their demographic and mangle up the game as needed to get the label for that demographic. Which I can only imagine becoming worse and more pronounced if it gets even more sectioned.


    Now we just wait for Religion and Politics to get nuked then, huzzah!