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  • A tech blog recommendation

    I recently came across this blog in my web travels. The guy is a self described C++ hater, but also a C++ (and many other languages) super-genius, being a developer of compilers and debuggers and stuff for embedded C and C++ developers in the automotive industry. His articles aren’t too focused...

  • Stay in Sync with GCal and Thunderbird.

    For a long time I have been looking for a rock solid calendaring system. I’ve gotten too used to working for companies who have Microsoft Exchange (or, God forbid, Scalix) installed which allow me to edit and update a calendar from multiple locations and even sync...

  • Software RAID 5 in Ubuntu with mdadm

    Software RAID in Linux is a great way to gain massive amounts of disk space which are required for storing digital media, with the added security of data redundancy incase one of the disks in the array fail. Many people still frown upon software RAID...

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  • The Impact of False Accusations of Sexual Misconduct Against Men


    About Half of Rape Allegations are False, Research Shows

    About half of rape allegations are false according to three cherry picked pieces of research from amongst the entire weight of literature available.

    These studies have done the rounds in this sort of debate a l-o-n-g time and are repeatedly cited: they've come up on this forum for debate multiple times. They are all, for one reason or another, seriously flawed when trying to make a point about a "false accusation".

    I think it's also very telling that the latest of them was 22 years ago. So what we have discovered in the last two decades that site doesn't want us to know?

  • Recommend some MANGA.

    Soul Eater (the anime is good though I prefer the ending to the manga much more than the anime's)
    Akame ga Kill

  • DOOM: ETERNAL's Unapologetic Western Masculinity

    Seth Carter:

    Hm, it sure looks to be a lucrative business whinging on YouTube about obscure twitter comments. And it's not like you'd ever run out of material either! Am going to have to keep that in mind for when I'm desperate enough to sell out what little standards I'm still clinging on to.

    You gotta also declare a game as being dead one week and having miraculously risen the next on a quarterly basis.

    Also pepper in some Fortnite videos where you take pics or videos of one of the more ridiculous guns from the co-op mode and claim its coming to Battle Royale and will totally break the game.


    It didn't just die, it was murdered. Mermaid murder. Or some wild guessing crap like that