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  • What the hell happened to the Escapist?

    There's no budget and no tech team. We're on a wing and a prayer.

  • Poll: Is Violence Against Nazis a Hate Crime? Ever?

    Nazis, as well as all other strains of white supremacy, are domestic terrorists in the making. Put 'em on watch lists at the very least. I'm not so sure we need to go Nazi hunting just yet, but you can bet your ass I'd be voting 'not guilty' at any trial one of these fuckwits got some free dental work courtesy of a fist.

  • What's Your Desktop Background?

    Lock and login screen are Baroness' Yellow and Green cover art, desktop background folder keeps expanding. currently over thirty. I'm looking at Gandalf and the Balrog right now, got plenty more LOTR stuff in there. Other images are nature/trees and shit, some landscapes from my home state, a little F1 and other racing, Gob and Franklin/pulp fiction, Toki and Skwisgaar, whatever I want to see occasionally