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  • Undertale's true pacifist is the best ending I've ever seen in a game

    I played Undertale at the end of last year, it was alright. It was funny, charming and all that. But it was simply alright, I don't get why this game got so much praise heaped upon it.

    It had that Earthbound/Mother Quirkyness that some of us would like to see in more games(especially since Earthbound was very much a niche game and a flop here in the states). Beyond that there's just the sheer subversion of JRPG tropes in general and how there was a lot more beyond the first playthrough. I know other games(Such as the Drakengard/Nier series) have also played with this as well but this one did a lot with it. It's not often you see a story where there's a massive amount of difference in sheer tone based on how you play(Pacifist is heartwarming, Genocide is fucking bleak as hell).

  • Well, once again, a school shooting has taught the powers that be nothing.

    Here Comes Tomorrow:
    Being prepared for school shooting is just part and parcel of living in America just like terrorism is here in Europe.

    Oh cool, we're still misrepresenting that quote? Anyway the point of that quote is that terrorist attacks are going to happen and measures have to be taken to defend from and prevent them. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it, some just lie about it because of partisan bullshit and a boner for hating everything "leftist".

  • Poll: PEANUT BUTTER!!!

    I love peanut butter, you put that in a sandwich with cheese and it is just delicious. However, smooth peanut butter is a crime against humanity.