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  • A Windows 10 Update is Coming. I'm Afraid of Major Updates.

    Running Creator's right now after upgrading to a Ryzen CPU.

    Bit the bullet, downloaded an iso for 10...and spent like 15 bucks for a key from Play-Asia, of all places.

    It's Windows. Basically 7 again, but with some weird design choices and quirks. Also the spy shit- but I've disabled most of that stuff. Should look into some third party stuff to block this shit, but whatever. If Microsoft wants to know what kind of freaky porn I'm into, then they're welcome to.

    Now, if their "game mode" thing actually benefited games in any way, shape, or form? That'd be an improvement.

  • Nintendo Announces a New Handheld - the New 2DS XL

    I suppose the 3d gimmick era has finally come to an end. Good riddance if you ask me, but I will still miss Bravely Default's beautiful cut-out city panoramas. Probably the most beautiful implementation of 3ds' 3d functionality I have ever seen.

  • Would you like to have an interactive Garry's Mod comic on the Escapist?

    I've been thinking of just doing some stupid, entertaining shit, I don't feel like drawing but I do feel like making a comic.

    So I present to you, denizens of The Escapist, Zombie Apocalypse: An Interactive adventure. I could put this up on Deviant Art or Tumblr, but I really wanted to make something for The Escapist. That is why I'm asking, since without reader input the comic can not go on, nor is there any point in going on.

    The premise is simple. The protagonist is a mercenary sent by the company Biosyn to clean up evidence of Biosyn's part in the outbreak, literally, he has been given only soap, bucket and a broom. His job is simple, enter the city, clean up the evidence, escape the city and survive. You, the readers, decide his actions, how will he survive? Will he even care about the mission instead of just running for it? You decide.

    Fun fact: I thought about a dinosaur outbreak on a secluded island or robots rampaging on a space station as the premise instead but those would require custom maps. So I might make those ideas into sequels if Zombie Apocalypse is liked enough.

Voronoi tiling art PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mat   
Wednesday, 30 September 2009 20:23

These tessellations have all been generated by a very simple FreeBASIC program that I wrote.

I stumbled upon this algorithm while searching for a way to generate stochastic terrain heightmaps for a 3D strategy game, and realised that it could be made to produce pretty 2D pictures.

See: Voronoi diagram at Wikipedia.

The algorithm is as follows: start by placing a number of control points in random positions in the image, and assign each one a primary colour. Then for each pixel of the image, the colour of that pixel is set to the colour of its nearest control point, and the brightness of the pixel is set to the difference between the distance from the pixel to its nearest control point and the distance from the pixel to its next nearest control point.

Numerous variations on the algorithm exist: instead of using control points, other geometric objects can be used such as line segments or circles, which both result in curved edges. Also, instead of using Pythagoras to compute the distances, other methods can be used such as the Manhattan metric or the chessboard metric, and these result in more right angles.

It is possible to achieve a finer granularity in the spectrum of colours used, by mixing together two or more layers of tilings with various weights and numbers of control points.

Tiling Tiling Tiling
Tiling Tiling Tiling
Tiling Tiling Tiling

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