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  • Terrorist Attack In Barcelona, Atleast 13 Dead & 100 Injured, Perpetrator Still At Large

    This is a terrible incident by asshole humans, that will no doubt be used to denounce any and all Muslims by those who never have bothered to interact with them as human beings. People love that easy type of thinking. Rather primal, unfortunately. And difficult to apply to.

    One thing that I'm not sure is bad for chuckling at earlier;

    Part of the cell is thought to have blown itself up in the early hours of Thursday morning while trying to assemble a bomb in a house in another coastal town, Alcanar Platja, 120 miles south along the coast from Barcelona.

    Casualties minimised in a form of blunt karma maybe? Aside from the second blast perhaps. Reminiscent of that Four Lions film a bit. *Le sigh* it's some sort of silver lining I guess.

  • How is Trump's latest racist thing different from his other racist stuff?


    I'll never for the life of me believe that anyone who voted for Trump didn't know any better. They were given all the information they needed and more. Who supported him didn't do so out of ignorance but out of malice.

    Exactly. We can keep pretending that somehow the people who vote for obvious racist airheads are really good people somehow who are just stupid or dissapointed with traditional politics in some benign way or we can admit that they probably liked the racism, the crassness, etc.

    Hillary's 'deplorables' comment was an understatement.

  • Poll: Humane response to genetic disability or Eugenics?

    I don't see anything particularly 'heroic' about choosing to raise a child with an undesirable condition. It is pointless to be sentimental about particular possible futures involving people who don't really exist in any meaningful sense yet. It is not evil to avoid raising children and neither is it evil to have and enforce a preference about what sort of children to raise. If a woman would rather have a different baby than the one in her womb, just abort and make another one. If that means in practice that there will be no more babies born with various genetic afflictions, why should that bother anyone?

Place features PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mat   
Saturday, 17 January 2009 02:42
Current features of Place:
  • Free software, professionally finished;
  • No restrictions on licensing of your game;
  • Most of the work done for you, just tell Place where you want to place your entities and how you want them to react;
  • Movable entities automatically negotiate obstacles using shortest-path algorithm;
  • A bare minimum of scripting experience required of game designers;
  • Advanced features available to those who want to dig deeper;
  • Helpful debugging system enables rapid testing and makes it easy to find mistakes;
  • Prototyping system to reduce the amount of tediously repetitive work involved in development;
  • Free, extensible toolkit: add new features if you wish;
  • Uses a well-established, popular general-purpose scripting language with vast amounts of documentation, so there's no need to learn some adolescent, obscure single-purpose language just for scripting games;
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac and various other platforms;
  • Games get an extensive menu system for making and loading savegames and configuring all of their settings;
  • Use any graphics resolution you wish; player can choose their own and your graphics will be rescaled, preserving the aspect ratio if desired;
  • Entities can automatically scale down as they move further away to give the appearance of perspective;
  • Simple yet powerful conversation system;
  • Link subtitles with the voice audio files that go with them, if you want voice acting;
  • Multi-threaded caching system pre-loads resources before they are needed, for improved responsiveness;
  • Internationalization/localization: easily support translations of a game into foreign languages;
  • Support for cut-scenes, using either the pre-existing system of rooms and entities, or MPEG format videos;
  • Extensive tutorials to get you started.

Features planned for the future:

  • Auto-package games into a Windows .exe installer, .pkg file for Macs or .deb, .rpm or .tgz package for Linux;
  • WYSIWYG game creation and editing studio, integrated with the Gimp professional, open-source image manipulation suite and featuring a text editor for scripting with syntax highlighting, auto-completion and debugging facilities;
  • Parallax scrolling background scenes;
  • Ability to use 3D models for entities instead of flat sprites;
  • Simplify programming interface further still and extend to Java, Python, Lua and Ruby;
  • More speed improvements;
  • Native support for Nintendo's DS and Wii consoles and SymbianOS (for recent phones by Nokia and others).
Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 April 2009 20:50